Everything stems from a seed

Satan works with seeds

Satan can come up with nothing that is new or original. He tries to emulate God in everything he does just in a completely opposite way. Match, surpass, imitate, copy, reproduce, mimic, mirror, echo, follow & tries to rival the father. He has given ISIS such a purpose in life. Whispered in their ear that they are to stand up for their beliefs. Whispered that there is no greater thing you can do than to lay down your life for your faith. Jesus says repeatedly that true life & purpose is found in him. He stood up for his faith & he laid down his life which changed the world. He did this in a loving, pure & unadulterated way. Led by Love. Satan's way is in fear, it's immoral, dirty & filthy. However, he presents this seed to be seen as clean & has successfully mimicked what Jesus wants for us.....purpose.

Everything happens as a result of a seed being thrown between the ears. This in itself is once again Satan trying to imitate Jesus' teachings. Jesus talks on seeds as he preaches....'If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can.....' is just one. There is power in a seed from him. Satan knows this so he tries exactly the same thing. Of course it is perverted, however for some it is a successful echo. There is power in a seed. Whoever entertains this seed, from either side, will produce power of some sought. A murderer that has committed the most heinous acts would have entertained a seed that was thrown between their ears. Maybe the seed was planted as he watched the news about another mass shooting or an episode of criminal minds. It couldn't happen like that could it??? Let's take a rapist....Maybe a seed in the form of a girl parading around in bikinis that flashed up on his mobile phone which led him to a website which led him to a pornography site which led him to..... Even the smaller issues of life that we face begin with a seed. No one is born that way.

We all have a choice in what seed we entertain. We need to be wise when weighing up which seed to follow. What's the motive, what could the outcome be, is it going to end in hurt etc. Remember that Satan's seed will initially present as fine. 'Proceed, this will be great'. Watch out for the perverted twist. However there is true meaning and purpose in a seed that comes from Jesus. This seed contains healing, provision, Love, acceptance, freedom, authority, hope, vision and joy. Satan's seed is wordly but Jesus' seed is divine. His seed allows us to live here on earth but also in him, rising above the tree line with fresh vision & hope looking above and beyond our circumstance. No other seed will contain this. How do I get hold of this seed?....... Just ask him right now. All Jesus waits for is an invitation into your life. You ask and I believe it is done right there and then. Jesus' seed will impact your mind but will impact your heart as well. A seed will be immediately thrown your way, quicker than you can blink.