The Feast

'The table has been set, dinner has been prepared and we can all feast on this amazing spread'

Following on from my last entry from Exodus is an awesome story which causes me to reflect on what God has done by sending his son to earth to restore our relationship with him.

In Exodus 25:23 God instructs Moses to build a table to be housed in the tabernacle. It was to be overlayed with pure Gold and it was to hold Bread and Jars upon it in which to pour out offerings. God has prepared a table for us on which there is every kind of fine food you can think off. In fact the words 'fine food' doesn't do it justice. This table has been prepared by the original Master chef. I'm afraid to say Channel 10, your show is nothing new, it has all been done before! This table that they built was no ordinary dinner table. This table was layered with pure gold. Gold was the major currency used in almost all major civilisations in the world. Therefore it is recognised all over the world which means flexability and trust...... Jesus is flexible and trustworthy to all corners of the globe and to every person on earth. He wants to be in every country, state, province, town, suburb, house, person and heart.... Just as gold is recognised everywhere, so Jesus wants to be. Don't think that Jesus isn't the right fit for you or your not good enough. He is the most pliable God who will fit perfectly in your heart. Every facit and corner will be filled by him.

They then made rings that were overlayed with gold. These were to fit poles which themselves were layered in gold and was to allow people to carry the ark easier. Practically, gold is extremely dense meaning it is easier to carry and handle than a sack of rice or a barrel of oil. In times of crisis, disaster or migration anyone could put their entire families wealth in a small bag and carry it away. His load is light the bible says. Accepting Jesus isn't meant to be a burden or a task. It is a pleasure and he is easy to carry, especially in hard times. You can pack him away and he is all yours to help you. I'm sure that carrying gold for some distance can get hard just as it can feel hard with Jesus. However, the burden and weight have been broken.

My last point from the table is this.... In vs 30 it says that the bread was to remain on the table at all times before him. The bread remained in his presence continuously and because of Jesus, we can now be in his presence continuously! By the's not just the priests that get to eat the bread of the presence anymore. We all can feast on his presence anytime, any place.