Who's whisper is it

One particular morning on my way to work I felt God stirring in my thoughts. It was along the lines of continuing to fast from coffee and remain with water and lemon. As you may be aware, If God is in the process of showing you something great, Satan enters the scene very quickly.... Very quickly to confuse and to stop understanding from taking place. By the time I pulled into the car park at work I had world war 3 happening in my head. You may be thinking 'it's only coffee, why would Satan care about that so much'.....He doesn't. He doesn't give a rip about coffee. He cares about the revelation you are going to get and he cares about the elevation you are going to get in the spiritual world. Fasting for 5 min or 5 days, it's all the same. It's not about the time you give up, the food, drink, t.v, music or facebook. There is no one thing greater than the other. It's about your heart in that very moment. A true fast is that which God asks you to do. For me it was coffee.

The war continued in between my ears and it was loud!  'just be still and know that I'm God' came into my mind closely followed by 'Just relax, have a coffee and forget the fighting'. As I went into work the battled raged. I placed my coffee cup under the coffee spout ready to make my morning coffee. At the last second I pulled the cup off the machine, filled it with water and placed some lemon in it. I was reflecting on the two statements that came into my mind out in the car park, one of them directly from the bible. I began to see that the enemy had used scripture in the heat of the battle to knock me off. Jesus had a similar thing happen in Matthew 4:6. Jesus was fasting and Satan uses a scripture from Isaiah and quotes it to him in the heat of the battle. The purpose behind it was to stop Jesus receiving what he was going to get...... Power! Power to change lives.

I began to think upon how Satan knows scripture so well. Did he spend time with him in the beginning, listening and learning? As far as I'm concerned, this is the only way to know it well. My thinking then moved onto how it is that he comes and quotes scripture well and sounds very similar to God. Good timing and good knowledge. To learn how he speaks can only be achieved by observing everything about God. Watching and listening to how he communicates with others. This made me think that there is so much importance on not only knowing the word but understanding how he talks and what he sounds like. We need to study how God communicates with us humans. We need to be ultra observant. If it's not witnessing love in the heart and mind then it's not God. Although it was accurate scripture, good timing and attempted to calm the storm, on reflection, there was no witness of Love for me in that car park. If we study Jesus and his communication then we will discern in the heat of the battle. I believe the religious spirit is born during this time. There is no relationship and connection in quoting scripture. Satan wants to keep us in a place where this transition from religion to relationship does not take place. We place an emphasis on teaching people the importance of knowing scripture and using scripture not realising that the importance lies deeper. Remember, love and peace will follow if it's him.