Food for thought

'The church is not the ark and the church is not where you will find the holy of holies. You are the ark and you will find the holy of holies within you!'

In Exodus 25 God gives Moses, from within a cloud, instructions to build an Ark. Verse 8 says 'And let them construct a sanctuary for me, that I may dwell among them'. Detailed measurments were given along with detailed materials. Pure gold was to overlay the ark both inside and out. Gold rings were to be made for the poles to sit in, which they themselves were covered in Gold. Then it says in verse 16 'And you shall put into the ark the testimony which I shall give you'.

Today Jesus has made it possible for billions of human beings to have not just the 10 commandments a rod and some manna but the entire testimony of Jesus living inside of them. We are the new ark. His glory can now be within all not just an ark. The testimony was passed on by one man in Moses so all knew where his presence would be. One man in Jesus died to pass on his testimony to the entire population through the Holy Spirit, that man no longer knew of a place where his glory would be but that he would know that the Glory of God is now inside. He dwelled in the best back then and he dwells in the best now!!

This is a great picture painted right here. The greatest gift of all time was given when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus changed everything. We can have his presence, everything that is God, living in us!....All we have to do is tell him that we want him in our lives wherever we are and whatever we are doing. I believe when we say this from our hearts that it is done right there and then. He died that we may go free. He who the son sets free is free indeed........ so why wait?