School Work

  • Team Building Sessions

Individual or multiple sessions avaialable

90 minute session $150; includes a combination of initiative activities and disscussions around relevant values. A great way of getting important discussion going in a fun environment

  • Rise Program

This program was put together to encourage those participating that they can rise above the issues that they face and achieve those dreams and passions that lie in all of us, it just takes a bit of belief in yourself!

Group size; Ideal for small groups of 10-15 people and can be adapted to suit various age groups young and old!

How it works; Rise is a program that has been developed to fit within a school term. We will run a session once per week, each session is 90 min and includes team building activities along with discussions on relevant values. Examples of values are; Value of having a plan in life, the value of believing in yourself, the value of having vision.

How do we run the program if your school is out of our region?; We don’t mind travelling so we have developed a 2 day intensive and we can run a modified version of the program in your school! We will cover 8 values over 2 days, a fast and exciting time for those participating!

Cost; $1500

*additional costs will be put in place in certain circumstances to cover extra costs. ie; travel

  • Prefect Paddle

Our Kayak/Canoe trip ‘Prefect Paddle’ was developed and aimed at the student leaders that have been elected by their peers and teachers. We will explore the backwaters of the mighty River Murray giving students time to get to know one another better in a totally differant environment! This trip gives great opportunity to talk about how they can influence change in there schools

If you are an organistion that works with youth and you are interested in these programs please contact me to discuss further. We work with schools and beyond!

All relevant qualifications can be presented upon request