Sunset paddle

1.5 - 2 hr Kayak/canoe in the most beautiful part of the day through some of the best and most scenic backwater in the country

Moonlight Paddle

1.5 - 2 hr Kayak/canoe. Explore the backwaters in the still of the night underneath a shining and full moon!

Father/Son (or Daughter) Paddle

2, 4 or 8 hr Kayak/Canoe

This is something I have been wanting to introduce for some time now and now that I have entered the world of fatherhood myself I fell it is a good time. I know the value of a father spending time with their son or daughter. It is time that we can never get back so come along and go for some quality kayaking and canoeing.

Also check out the ‘Expedition’ section of the website as extended trips can be done

Even team leaders need a break from time to time to refresh and rebuild.

Our Mission

To provide a refreshing time away that will inspire you as you move forward as a leader. I believe we have some of the most beautiful scenery and water ways in the country. Combine this with team building activities, camp fires, sunset walks, reflection times, guest speakers or just a relaxing paddle, I think we have the perfect recipe to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Please contact me so we can discuss and create the perfect time away for you and your leaders.